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  Communications Society Member E-Mail Aliases

Any member can now have a comsoc.org e-mail address. Your comsoc.org address is an alias that forwards e-mail to your real address. It is valid as long as you are a CS member. If you change employers or Internet providers, simply change the forwarding address for your comsoc.org address, and all mail sent to your comsoc.org alias will be forwarded to your new address.

This alias service is available only to current Communication Society members who have registered for a IEEE Web Account . If you do not yet have an IEEE Web Account, register for one before signing up for your e-mail alias.

The Communication Society's email alias service is a private benefit for its individual members; @comsoc.org aliases may not be established for commercial or other organizational purposes. The Communication Society reserves the right to discontinue any alias which, in its sole opinion, is inconsistent with this policy intent or with the appropriate image of a society of professionals.

You must use an SSL-compliant browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to register for a IEEE Web Account, create a new e-mail alias, or modify an existing alias.

If you receive any errors when accessing these pages, contact  mailmaster@comsoc.org